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When we started Collective One, we had big dreams and a shared vision of making a difference in this crazy world. Those dreams have not changed, they’re even bigger than before, but today we want to let you know that we’ve revised our mission, purpose and direction.

There are a few reasons for this. We both care deeply about social justice, particularly the rights of children, so we’ve made the decision to change our partners and our giving model. It hasn’t been an easy decision, but we felt our giving model of changing our charity partners every three months was a little confusing and we were concerned our mission was unclear.

To create more transparency, we have changed our giving model so that we’ll be donating $5 from every purchase. We have established new partnerships with three reputable charities doing fabulous grassroots work delivering programs and services in Australia, Cambodia and Indonesia. You, the consumer, will choose which of the three charities you’d like your donation to go to, driving real change in the lives of children with each purchase.  These charities will no longer change every 3 months, as we want to make as much impact with these organisations as possible.  We also want to be clear about our mission to shine hope on children around the world.

We are really excited about our new partnerships, and we look forward to introducing the charities to you over the coming weeks, and sharing some stories of the great work they are doing with children.

Then there’s our products. Some of the range was popular, some not so much. We felt that focusing on just one product streamlined what we were doing and made our message clearer.

As the saying goes, failure is a hallmark of the entrepreneur experience, but life is about learning and we believe failure also brings with it opportunities for improvement, an essential part of learning. We love life lessons – they are crucial to growing. So, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to re-evaluate our mission. We’ve streamlined and simplified our product line so we can see more tangible results and remain the mission-driven company we have always been with an even clearer focus on social impact. We really hope you love our new range as much as we do.

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